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For NDIS participants, specialist support coordination can be helpful since it can connect you with various supports to help you build capacity and accomplish NDIS objectives.

It is provided to NDIS participants with complex or high-level needs, such as individuals with significant intellectual, physical, or sensory disabilities. This service aims to help these individuals achieve their goals, increase their independence, and participate in their communities.

To access specialist support coordination, NDIS participants must have a goal for managing complex support needs in their NDIS plan. Participants can work with their NDIS planner to determine if specialist support coordination is the right service for their needs.

At Diversity Care Australia, we will help you get through the complexities of your situation with our specialised support services while helping you understand the NDIS plan and make the most out of it.

In this article, we will discuss support coordination and the different levels of support coordination.

How Can Specialist Support Coordinators Help?

Tenancy Assistance

A support coordinator is a point of contact for families and individuals with disabilities. They assist the individual’s independent living by planning, coordinating, and monitoring support.

A coordinator work with you to identify and understand the barriers impacting the participant’s ability to access, use and maintain their support.

A support coordinator designs a service plan for complex needs if required, ensuring all services can work together, establishing communication and collaboration processes, helping resolve complex issues and situations, and providing continuous delivery in a crisis or unplanned event.

Some of the things the support coordinator will do include:

  • Helping with all your support-related questions
  • Researching and resolving any issues or complaints you may have
  • Coordinating and managing your support team
  • Assisting in developing and improving our support processes and systems

Finding a Support Coordinator

When you start the NDIS process, you’ll need to find a support coordinator. This is someone who will help you manage your plan and ensure you’re getting the right quality of services.
But how do you find one? There are some ways to find the best NDIS support coordinator.

  • Ask your doctor
  • Search directories
  • Check social media
  • Contact NDIS
  • Use the NDIS Provider Finder
  • Attend NDIS Events

Benefits Of Choosing Diversity Care Australia For Specialist Support Coordination

Group and Centre Based Activities

Depending on individual aims, objectives, and goals, specialist support coordination providers can assist participants in obtaining funding for the support they need in their plan.

  • We create a support plan that identifies clear actions.
  • Coordinate complex support and services developed and delivered within the funding plan.
  • Creates and executes positive behaviour support plans and strategies.
  • Ensure support and service are developed and delivered according to each client’s and their family’s wishes.
  • Maintaining effective, transparent connections and communication with internal and external providers and allied healthcare specialists.
  • Assisting customers to achieve goals through building capacity, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Working with local service providers and community members and
choosing our Specialist Support Coordination offers many benefits, including individualised support, experienced and qualified staff etc.

If you are an NDIS Participant whose disability is attributed to physical impairment, Diversity Care Australia is here and can provide the support you need.

Our professional support team is carefully selected and matches your needs, whether for simple chores around the house or connecting with the community. Find us here.

Our care team of passionate support stars will help you achieve your ultimate goals each day. Also, we provide services for all NDIS participants needing support. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us.

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